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Cascade of Conifers

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There’s a world of woodland magic inside the dōTERRA® fir essential oils. With balsam and Douglas fir trees being two wildly popular choices for Christmas trees, those tiny brown glass beauties literally contain Christmas in a bottle! Now is an incredible time to experience both Balsam and Douglas Fir oils through a doubly woodsy promotion.

A beautiful canopy of the coniferous, or cone-bearing, Douglas fir cascades down the hills of New Zealand like a giant tsunami. The problem is that virtually nothing else can grow down at ground level beneath this rather invasive covering. In fact, the Douglas fir tree grows twenty- five times faster in New Zealand than in its native home of North America, revealing just how aggressive a plant can become when introduced to a new environment. The Douglas fir grew so prolifically in this island country of the southwestern Pacific that it became a nuisance. Then along came dōTERRA to take a piece of nature that would otherwise be wasted, instead turning it into something useful and preserving its intrinsic worth! Now these unwanted trees are harvested before they produce cones, and the young needles and branches are transformed into resourceful, refreshing Douglas Fir oil. Because of the excellent chemistry resulting from such young harvesting, the aroma of Douglas Fir stands out from that of other conifers such as Siberian Fir and Juniper Berry.

Fragrant with vitality and refreshment, Douglas Fir purifies the air it touches and promotes a feeling of clear airways. Mix with water and mist from a spray bottle to clean house, or combine it with Wintergreen and Fractionated Coconut Oil for a powerful woodland-inspired massage. Add a drop of Douglas Fir to your facial cleanser, bar soap, or body wash for added cleansing benefits and a dreamy yuletide aroma.

There’s a sense of renewal found within a quiet, secluded forest. Get there with this next blend, which incorporates today’s two fir oils with citrus in order to invite out their lemony undertones.

Sweet Citrus Fir

• 3 drops Douglas Fir

• 3 drops Green Mandarin

• 2 drops Grapefruit

• 2 drops Balsam Fir

Once you soak up this combination of aromas, you’ll see how citrus and fir unite to create a heavenly pair! The benefits of Douglas Fir certainly extend beyond the realm of holiday cheer. It’s such an aromatically friendly, versatile oil that it can be used to soothe anxious feelings, enhance focus, and much more. Whether paired with fresh citrus, warm spice, or cool mint, Douglas Fir brings the woodlands with it. Honestly, what else would you expect from a Christmas tree in a bottle?

While Douglas Fir comes to us from New Zealand, Balsam Fir oil hails from Canada and is available only through special promotion at this time. Diffuse beautiful Balsam Fir when you want to take in the distinct aroma of a pine forest, or use it to make a refreshing and woody room spray by adding several drops to a small spray bottle filled with water and other oils (I recommend trying it with Wild Orange). Combine a few drops of Balsam Fir with unscented lotion or body butter and apply as part of an invigorating massage; or add a couple of drops to a warm bath with Epsom salts for a rejuvenating experience at the end of a chilly day. Watch the snow fall and breathe in the scent of the season, all wrapped up in this festive diffuser


White Christmas

• 3 drops Balsam Fir

• 2 drops Cardamom

• 1 drop Clove

Oh Christmas tree, we really do mean it when we sing these words: how lovely are your branches. Two separate hemispheres give us two airy and renewing aromas from towering conifers, perfect for evergreen holiday inspiration. Tis the season to let yourself get carried away by these magical woodland wonders!