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Digestive Superstars for Kids

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Which dōTERRA® oils are best for the taming of tummy troubles? Today’s post is dedicated to highlighting the strongest supportive oils for digestive issues in kids. For some children, feelings of tension or stress head straight to the belly. Others have a pattern of struggling with unpleasant feelings when riding by car, train or plane; and at some point everyone finds out too late that a new food choice doesn’t agree with them. For all of these scenarios and more, I present to you a short list of supportive oils that can be blended, applied, and enjoyed in a kid- friendly fashion.

Spearmint is a relieving and uplifting oil whose refreshing aroma brings fancies of candy and gum. This gentle mint is a comforting win for distressed little tummies everywhere: just apply topically, allowing your child to inhale the sweet aroma. Menthol-rich Peppermint teams up with sister Spearmint to form a digestive duo like none other. Japanese Peppermint, in particular, has one of the highest concentrations of menthol in the plant world; so when you see that modifier, expect an extra soothing experience. Turn to these emotionally invigorating mint oils when your child feels sluggish, sad or stressed. There’s just something about them that helps us focus on brightness and joy, and the taming of a troubled tummy in a moment of need is definitely a source of joy for moms and dads everywhere!

Our next oil for kids’ digestive support, Ginger, also has both physical and emotional benefits and can be used to help calm an array of uncomfortable sensations. A tried and true aid for queasy stomachs, Ginger helps ease occasional nausea and indigestion both topically and aromatically. If motion doesn’t agree with your child, have them breathe deeply of Ginger oil during a long car ride. You might also apply it over the lower abdomen to positively affect common maladies that tend to settle in that area. Black Pepper, all at once fruity and spicy, is a lesser known digestive helper to add to the mix. It’s a good addition to round out the mint- based topical digestive support blend we’ve been building, offering a sharp and balancing note.

Added to a roller bottle with a base of Fractionated Coconut Oil, your Spearmint, Peppermint, Ginger and Black Pepper can easily ride along with you or your child, tucked into a backpack or purse. Count on these oils to help tame troubled digestive tracts, while avoiding some of the more pungent oils commonly used by adults. Younger family members in particular can face tummy upset related to heading back to school. Along with an abundance of hugs and encouragement, a roller bottle loaded with these digestive superstars can become a comforting help. Simply roll the mixture straight onto the stomach, bottoms of feet, or another preferred area whenever needed. The result is a cooling, calming massage with a deliciously minty scent that wraps them up all day, reminding them just how loved they are.

Speaking of your precious little ones, remember to keep your dōTERRA oils out of reach of children under the age of 3. Caution is required because you don’t want oily little fingers to come in contact with little eyes, inner ears, or mouths. If it does happen, cover the affected area with Fractionated Coconut Oil to dilute the essential oil. Use this approach instead of washing the area with water, which won’t help.

Road trips can present challenges for kids who sometimes feel the effects of motion sickness on windy roads or in stop-and-go traffic. After a long time in the car, who isn’t longing for a fresher environment? Prepare for the journey by bringing along your digestive support oils. Give your kids the option of rubbing their trusty blend of Spearmint, Peppermint, Ginger and Black Pepper onto their wrists to inhale, making the trip more pleasant for everyone.

No adventure is complete without a few bumps in the road, especially with kids along for the ride. At home or on the road, use supportive oils like Spearmint, Peppermint, Ginger, and a touch of Black Pepper to help tame unwelcome digestive sensations that pop up on the way. Let the soothing cool of dōTERRA’s digestive superstars get everyone back on track so you can keep adventuring together!