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Energizing Lime

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Envision a luscious, juicy lime wedge adorning your favorite refreshing drink. While it certainly provides the perfect finishing touch for flavor and presentation, this little green fruit is way more than just a garnish! Lime essential oil, which dōTERRA sources from Brazil and Peru, is derived from the key lime fruit. Each 15 mL bottle represents over two pounds of key lime peels that gave their all! But what can it do for you?

Key lime is the strongest and zestiest of all limes, which explains its popularity in pies; and a dash of this South America-sourced essential oil has helped many a sweet and savory dish reach its full potential. There’s no end to the tart and tasty applications of Lime in the kitchen. From spicy marinades to tangy tropical smoothies, you can feel good about supporting your health while you experiment with it in the kitchen. Lime blends especially well with Cilantro, Basil, Black Pepper, and Grapefruit.

Experience the energizing and purifying benefits of Lime in many applications outside the kitchen, ranging from emotional balance to immune-boosting and general health. The fresh, tart aroma of Lime has the ability to uplift mood. Its cleansing effect on the air is a welcome bonus, too! Use Lime aromatically during study sessions to help with focus and energy; then apply topically to wrists for test time. Like its sister citrus, Lemon, Lime is easy to work into your daily routine with one drop in a glass of water. Taking advantage of those cleansing properties couldn’t be simpler!

The versatility of citrus essential oils never ceases to amaze. To tackle greasy or sticky residue spots, use a few drops of Lime on a cotton ball. In need of a soothing scalp massage, particularly one to help repel unwelcome critters who tend to hang out in the hair? Combine a few drops of Lime with an equal amount of Melaleuca essential oil for a cleansing scalp massage. Try adding a drop of Lime to your favorite shampoo for a power boost, or even to your facial cleanser to make use of its purifying properties.

To support memory, increase clarity, and combat exhaustion, reach for the Lime! Let’s end with a fun diffuser recipe: the Mojito. Combine two drops each of dōTERRA Lime, Grapefruit, Tangerine, and Spearmint essential oil. Turn on the diffuser, breathe in deeply, and picture yourself recharging at the beach, the lake, or your uplifting location of choice. With this enjoyable energy boost under your belt, who knows what you’ll accomplish today? It’s prime time to energize with Lime!