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Always have an event on the calendar. It can be –

• Facebook Live

• Zoom Webinar Class

• Make and Takes

• Monthly Team Workshops

This business is not built on simply enrolling people in doTERRA. That is STEP ONE and just one tiny piece of what we do. If you can't do steps 2 and 3, you're not going to succeed OR you're going to make this business harder than it needs to be.

Step 2 and 3 are helping people fall in love with doTERRA, teaching them to use all the products to live the doTERRA lifestyle, and then loving it so much they want to share and duplicate you. If you don't accomplish this, you will always be doing the work yourself and not creating a duplicating team.

When you host ongoing education, it's most successful if it's something they can count on and look forward to. They will want to start bringing friends to events to have fun with them. They'll help them enroll, even if they weren't planning on building, and your team will grow. Create consistency.


1. Go live publicly one day weekly at the same time every week to help educate your existing members, their prospects, and your prospects. Educate for any amount of time you like, up to one hour. They will start looking forward to your education, AND what you educate on will start to show up in your members LRPs. You will strengthen their knowledge and level of comfort with the products. They will feel well supported and start to see their community of like-minded individuals emerge.

2. Host a monthly workshop with make and take recipes for your whole team (charge for their rollers) to have fun, create community and educate on doTERRA. The goal is not to sell rollers but to educate them on the options of recipes available and many ways to use them. The goal is for them, over time, to bring their own oils, rollers, supplies and make the recipes with their own supplies!! You’re doing this to build product confidence and LRP Loyalty - not to sell rollers.

3. Host weekly make and take class or intro class at your home, a business, or with a class hostess. Book more classes from those classes to get your momentum going.

4. Have a team business zoom meeting weekly or monthly.

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