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Glowing with Magnolia

· Essential Oils
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Who among us doesn’t need a sweet, calming influence in our lives now and then? Whether you’re flying high or feeling low, increasing the calm factor is always a good thing, which is where Magnolia comes in. If you’re familiar with Lavender and its abilities, you’ll be able to catch on quickly with how to use Magnolia. These two oils make perfect partners in helping us achieve the chill factor, so let’s dive into what makes dōTERRA® Magnolia such a welcome addition in the realm of stress relief.

Fragrant and graceful, magnolia flowers are beloved as a symbol of spring’s arrival. They thrive in the bright sunlight, blossoming beautifully when their time comes. Magnolia essential oil is derived from China, where the sturdy petals of the flower are steam distilled. This flower is quite a world traveler, as it grows on multiple continents; and there are over 200 varieties of this plant, some of which can grow to a height of approximately 100 feet! The plant variety from which dōTERRA sources their oil is also called the white jade orchid tree, and it flowers twice per year with blossoms that carry a faint aroma of champagne. Valued for more than simply their attractive appearance and sweet scent, magnolias have been utilized in Chinese traditional health practices for centuries.

Made available on its own as the dōTERRA Magnolia Touch roll-on, this essential oil delivers glowing skin while gently opening and steadying the emotions. Magnolia essential oil helps ease anxious feelings and promotes emotional relaxation with an unmistakable floral fruitiness. What better way to use the convenient Magnolia Touch roll-on, which contains just the right mix of Fractionated Coconut Oil and Magnolia, than as a personal fragrance? It also doubles as an all-natural supporter of a healthy mindset. Soon you’ll be recognized by this compelling fragrance as you wear it throughout the day. What a high compliment to be associated with magnolias; traditionally, these flowers have stood for beauty, dignity, respect, and purity.

Apply Magnolia Touch to the wrists, inner elbows, throat, or behind the ears for easy access to the sweet aroma, or to the bottoms of your feet for an added relaxation factor. Treating those hard-working feet to a daily dose of dōTERRA gives them some of the honor they are due, since feet are prime areas of the body for soaking up the soothing properties of essential oils.

Floral, fruity Magnolia can also help maintain the skin’s cleanliness and glow, so feel free to let it mingle with your facial moisturizer. For a sweet treat to the skin, combine Magnolia Touch with Bergamot or Ylang Ylang and apply topically. How handy that Magnolia is such a relaxing aroma to inhale at the end of the day, because this means your skincare routine can mesh seamlessly with your bedtime routine!

Soothing the skin while calming the mind and uplifting the emotions – that’s quite a combination of benefits. Surround yourself with the calming, balancing aroma of Magnolia, and bring that atmosphere with you wherever you go. It’s time to get glowing!