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Litsea Does It

· Essential Oils
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It’s time to shine the spotlight on a rather exotic essential oil that brings its lemony twist to multiple dōTERRA® blends, yet somehow sneakily avoids the limelight. We’re talking about Litsea, and because it’s not always available as a single oil, you may have to get sneaky yourself to spot it. Whether Litsea is available to you as a single oil or nested within blends that supports uplifted mood or overall health, here’s why to keep an eye out for this oil and how to use it when you find it.

Native to East Asia, Litsea berries grow on an evergreen shrub and can be steam-distilled into a lemon-like essential oil that has a long history of traditional use in Taiwan. Due to its Asian roots, Litsea can also be referred to as May Chang essential oil. Although Litsea is surely a new name to some of us, others may be familiar with it because of its widespread use in Japan, China, and Southeast Asia. For the sake of a quick aromatic comparison, certain chemical components found within Litsea also appear in Melissa and Lemongrass; so if you’ve experienced the scent of one, your memory may be able to paint you a similar aromatic picture of this lesser known oil.

When looking at a list of oils in a blend, it’s helpful to remember they’re each unique in their own right. Each individual oil truly adds its own layer of depth and complexity. Essential oil users learn along the way that some oils are available only seasonally, for a limited time, or in combination with other oils. This chase adds to the fun of oiling; it’s a bit like a treasure quest to get your hands on certain single oils! For now, Litsea may be tricky to find on its own, but you’ll likely see it listed as a component of various blends when you peruse your beautiful brown bottle collection. From skincare to rejuvenating mood and more, Litsea does it; and you’ll find it complementing the likes of Frankincense, Vetiver, Fennel, Lavender, and Rose.

Let’s focus on how Litsea adds just the right twist to top off a delightfully different diffuser blend! When combined with Wild Orange, Lemongrass, and Ginger, Litsea wraps up the mixture with a zesty bow of energetic sweetness. Diffuse this blend to promote feelings of fresh energy, giving yourself and those in your space a welcome gift during any time of day when renewed inspiration is needed. This bright combination of oils stands ready to refresh, whether you need to get down to business with office work or get motivated for an exercise workout. Think you’ve already exhausted every combination of citrus scents out there? Think again – until you’ve spotted Litsea on that label, you haven’t tried them all yet.

Let Litsea promote feelings of balance, whether through diffusion in concert with other oils or by placing a few drops onto a garment such as a scarf worn close to the skin. Clean, fresh and sweet, Litsea is employed by dōTERRA in a variety of blends that support skin health, feelings of clear respiration, emotional balance, and general cellular health. Whenever you see it as an ingredient, know that it brings citrusy spice and cleansing properties wherever it goes.

It’s not every day you find an aroma that has an uncanny ability to bring refreshing, warm sunshine into any space. Next time you find yourself wondering which oil it is that makes a particular blend so bright, cheerful, and zesty, remember: Litsea does it!