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Sun-Kissed Wild Orange

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In the warm, sunny climes of Brazil and Greece, something delightful grows. There, orchards full of sweet orange trees grow an abundance of citrus fruit whose fresh peels, when cold pressed, yield dōTERRA® Wild Orange essential oil. Wild Orange is the smell of summer, the sweetest fresh citrus scent your senses can conjure up; and this month’s promotion is the perfect time to procure it.

With a bright and energizing aroma, Wild Orange does everything you’d expect it to as a member of the citrus family. You can certainly use it to clean counters, remove gummy residue, freshen your home, and deodorize everything it touches. An easy way to put the oil’s purifying power to work right away in your home is to place a few drops directly onto your air filter, and boom! You’re roaming a sweet orange orchard before you know it. The cleansing properties of Wild Orange apply to the emotions and the body, too. In environments that tend to produce stress, the uplifting scent of Wild Orange exerts acalming influence, rising up as a cheerful combatant against feelings of tension.

Let the following diffuser blends transport you to one of the warm climes that nurture the sweet orange, and to a place where the scent of citrus wafts on a gentle breeze.

Beach Blanket

4 drops Wild Orange

3 drops Patchouli

3 drops Ylang Ylang

Summer Breeze

5 drops Wild Orange

5 drops Lemon

2 drops Geranium

With freshened air and boosted energy levels, what’s next to do with Wild Orange? Well, you can spice up your drink by adding it to your water, tea, smoothie, or citrus beverage, enjoying the sweet essence of the oil while also taking advantage of its health-promoting capabilities. I hear someone saying they aren’t sure about using the same product to both clean their kitchen counters and enliven their glass of water... If that’s you, welcome to the versatility and safety of dōTERRA! And it’s only the beginning.

While some oils, like Clove or Wintergreen, are instantly evocative of one certain season, Wild Orange has an unusual ability to morph. For example, blended with spicy essential oils like Cinnamon, Frankincense, or Cedarwood, Wild Orange helps to recreate the smells of autumn. But when blended with citrus and floral oils like Lemon, Grapefruit, and Ylang Ylang, Wild Orange evokes scents of spring and summer. Now that’s versatility!

Lest we neglect to mention this key practical use, know that you can use Wild Orange in the kitchen in a variety of dishes as a natural flavoring. Store it alongside your bottles of Clementine and Tangerine, and get to know each of their finely tuned notes as you figure out when to use which one, according to your taste. Spontaneous, joyful Wild Orange inspires feelings of energy and abundance; and it’s a sun-kissed delight down to the last drop.