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Sweet Red Mandarin

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Red is bold and bright. It’s a color of emphasis and highlight, and we’re seeing red in the best way possible this month with exclusive dōTERRA® Red Mandarin oil! This small, sweet bottle full of beautiful citrus is not typically available for individual sale, which makes every promotion into a hot opportunity to get it.

The mandarin is a citrus tree with fragrant white flowers that mature into small, juicy oranges. Mandarins come in colorful shades, and they produce different essential oils depending on when exactly they are harvested during the ripening process. Red Mandarin, our August starlet, is cold pressed from the peel of a perfectly ripened Brazilian fruit in all its red or orange glory.

This sweet and purifying oil is a blast to incorporate into mealtime, where it packs a powerful citrus punch. Use it to spice up your breakfast routine in a parfait or smoothie, and to enliven your homemade salad dressing or basic oven-baked chicken breast; just mix a few drops of Red Mandarin with olive oil and brush onto the chicken. The red mandarin, also known as the temple orange or tangor, is considered the sweetest of citrus fruits, making it a wonderful treat on its own as well as a complementary addition to salads and desserts. Add Red Mandarin oil to any recipe begging for a delightfully different and sweet twist.

When applying this citrus oil to the skin for its cleansing and clarifying properties, your safest bet is to apply it at night, when photosensitivity is not an issue. Some citrus oils should not be on the skin when exposed to direct sunlight; and with nighttime being such a restorative time for our skin, I highly suggest working Red Mandarin into your evening routine. Just apply 2-3 drops to your nightly skin cleanser or toner, and let this Brazilian beauty deliver its boost.

During the day, though, you can go all out cleaning with Red Mandarin as well as diffusing it to promote a bright, invigorating mood. Red Mandarin needs to become acquainted with your diffuser so it can uplift everything it touches. The following blend is great because it combines an exclusive oil, Red Mandarin, with two of dōTERRA’s most popular and accessible oils, Lemon and Peppermint. Let the classics blend with the exotic in this awakening mixture that fills the room with optimism.

Wide Awake

• 3 drops Red Mandarin

• 3 drops Lemon

• 2 drops Peppermint

The nature of the citrus oils is that they attract people in a way that is similar to how those white blossoms attract so many bees. For the absolute citrus lover who’s collected a veritable orchard of oily options, this recipe is your happy place. All three oils are exclusive and exotic, but take heart; if you want to go this happy place another way, try substituting the more accessible citrus oils such as Grapefruit and Wild Orange with your Red Mandarin.

Pure Sunshine

• 3 drops Red Mandarin

• 3 drops Clementine

• 3 drops Kumquat

Finally, add Red Mandarin to your tea, water, or smoothie for digestive benefits, and you will have tapped into a wonderful selection of this oil’s diverse applications. It’s time to take hold of Red Mandarin in the same way you hold onto those last few gorgeous days of summer, savoring every moment. Get your exclusive Red Mandarin before the sun sets on this opportunity.