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Yarrow’s Glow

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Clusters of showy yellow, red and pink flower heads rise above the feathery foliage of a meadowy herb. Those tiny, tightly packed flowers are none other than wild yarrow, and anyone who already knew about the secret of this meadow herb was in the front of the line celebrating when dōTERRA® began distilling Yarrow essential oil! 

Ancient mythology would assert that the beautiful Greek goddess Aphrodite treated Achilles’ heel wound with yarrow. Wounded soldiers in World War I would probably have believed this story quite easily, since yarrow was also used to support them as they healed from injuries. Ever noticed that herbs often have many names attached to them? It can be both interesting and confusing for novice herbalists, but there sure is a wealth of information to be found in the various names for yarrow: names that include Soldier’s Woundwort, Nosebleed, and Thousand leaf. While it’s no wonder that soldiers from times ancient to modern have made use of yarrow on the battlefield, dōTERRA Yarrow essential oil is also ideal for supporting healthy metabolism, immune response, and overall wellness. 

In Yarrow essential oil, steam-distilled from beautiful Bulgarian flowers, spicy herb meets sweet flower, appearing as the deepest blue hue you’ve ever seen come out of an oil bottle. This entrancing shade comes from an antioxidant that works in concert with other natural chemical constituents to offer strength, protection, and resilience. What better application for these offerings than the skin, where we’re all after the same thing: smooth, beautiful skin that reflects the vitality we feel on the inside. 

While everyone lives under the same rules of aging, the skin doesn’t necessarily need to be reminded how long it’s been doing its job. Yarrow covers the skin with a soft glow, giving it a new lease on life and the revitalizing support it needs. Being a thick oil, Yarrow is often mixed with water or aloe vera to make application easier and increase the area of coverage. This is why dōTERRA blends Yarrow with cold-pressed Pomegranate seed oil, creating a simply powerful mixture intended to promote vitality from the inside out. This is an oil that Ponce de Leon (the Fountain of Youth guy) would have been eager to bring back to Spain with him, even after his expedition to Florida didn’t deliver quite what he was searching for! 

The fruitiness of pomegranate combines with herbaceous, spicy Yarrow in Yarrow|Pom to create an aromatic sense of relaxation and calm, even as the oil itself calms and revitalizes the skin. Apply topically to areas needing tender and protective support. If you think this botanical duo needs to stay on the skin, think again: place a drop under the tongue, if you enjoy a colorful taste experience, or place a drop or two in your tea or smoothie. Yarrow is an inside out kind of oil, not restricted to just one or the other. 

Hopefully now when you spot Yarrow essential oil in various settings, you’ll have a good grip on how this herbaceous oil has earned its longstanding reputation as one that boasts some seriously protective powers. Now back to those clusters of colorful meadow herbs we were admiring: yarrow is there for the taking. Gather up a bunch of blooms and let dōTERRA Yarrow, in whatever form it takes, help you glow from the inside out.