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    💕 I love that our paths have connected! 
    Earthside Living ~ The Full Life.
    💕EARTHCARE...  Isn't that a great way to look at how our world was designed?
    Created for us so many years ago.. So Perfectly GROWN.
    💕WELCOME!  I am Pam Harmon Nurse + doTERRA Wellness Advocate
    As a registered nurse for over 20 years, I know and have experienced the benefits of modern healthcare.
    To share my truth... I was not a believer with the mindset that our bodies can heal itself when given the right TOOLS offered by NATURE... but rather a "product of society" I would say.
    along my way, a new path  came before me during my nightshift nursing career called doTERRA Essential Oils.  I was intriqued for sure but skeptikal. I said yes .. I was open to learn, to experience what essential oils  had to offer for support in my "better rest" realm.   It worked! I was surprised and I truly had no clue these elements even existed.  So now I can say  I have grown to love all the inbetweens - but mostly fell in love with what opened my eyes, mind and life doTERRA Essential Oils!!  So fun and awe struck with the power of the pure plant, mothernature & what I like to call "Earthcare."
    It has been a journey of learning to trust tools that motherearth has given us. To actully have a good portion of our healthcare directly in our hands and being empowered right in our home. 
    I AM a Believer!!!  That  when we know better, we do better and trusting mothernate and the natural way whenever possible.   Are you with me, follwing this path.  Are you a believer? On the Fence?  Skeptic? OR that unaware soul that just "happened" to stumbled here?  Whereever you fall, I am so grateful we have met here and I am happy to help you with your very own oil experience - sample or get you started with the best set to serve you.   xo Pam 

    Sample Why doTERRA is the #1 Essential Oil Company Worldwide. Purity is the #1 focus.

    Take the First Steps to go for AWESOME!

    Do you feel like you are constantly swimming upstream? Need a little pep in your step, or perhaps just a simple comfort or a soothing calm?
     Let us see if we can help you get your Balance back on..
    For me it all started with sleep. Are you tired? Or always fighting off some sort of bug? Maybe it is Physical? Discomfort? Emotions?
    Unsettled Tummy? Skin concerns?
    As a Registered Nurse , I am on a mission to serve and help others outside of walls + my love language is community!
    Let's connect by emailing me for your
    Free Oil Sample and your personal oil experience,
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