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    We rise up, and we do so by lifting others. And this is why I love what I do.

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    We just happen to be using doTERRA as our vehicle.

    And we’ve got room on this happy bus for you too.

    Does this sound like you?

    • You have a hard time keeping good things quiet
    • Your own wildest dreams are as nonnegotiable to you as making a contribution
    • You make no excuses – when you’re in, you’re all in
    • You love both learning and executing, and always follow “Ready, aim” with an enthusiastic “Fire!”
    • You’re fiercely independent, but creative collaboration is still your gig
    • You know that every problem has at least 5 solutions
    • And you want nothing more than to leapfrog your way to a life and business you love

    Yes? Then we should talk.

    What Does It Look Like to Partner Up?

    Whether you want to complement your current current work or business with an added income stream, create a completely separate side hustle, or you’re ready for a whole new gig, I can show you how to create a life and business you love with doTERRA.


    But I have a few requirements:

    • You must be ready to invest in your own personal and skill development.
    • You must love others – like, genuinely.
    • You must love health and wellness.
    • And you must be willing to put in the work.

    This is not a get-rich quick thing. It’s a real business.

    And as such, it will stretch you, teach you, challenge you, and even frustrate you at times.

    Being part of a revolution is not for the faint of heart.

    But for the committed, the visionaries willing to stay the course, the outcome is worth it.


    Here’s how we work together.

    No one’s business is exactly the same but here’s a general idea of how we usually get started.

    • First we outline your goals and get clear on your strengths: Business is best when it fits like a glove, so we will get crystal clear on what it is you really want to create (including how/if you’d like to incorporate the oils into your current model), and how it is you’ll best get there. (Strengthfinders)
    • We invite your cohorts: This is a business of collaboration. There’s no room for the lone wolf. We’ll take a careful look at who you want to partner with and how, and invite them to learn alongside you from the get-go.
    • Then we plan and train: Because “luck” follows the well-prepared, and there is nothing worse than an awkward leader. You’ll learn oils, sales, and leadership skills to help you build your business by showing up to serve others. (LOVE OIls, Oil Games, Share OIls)
    • Then we launch: And this is where the rubber hits the road. Where you show up and put in the hard work. And where the magic starts to happen. (Share Oils)

    FYI: You don’t need to be the expert. It won’t be your job to give medical advice.

    Your role is one of collaborator, guide, encourager, and inspirer.

    It’ll be your job to connect people to possibilities, and show them how to take the reigns. (Don’t worry. We will show you how.)

    YOU invite, WE Teach, You followup. REPEAT.


    CLICK FOR A DEEPER DIVE => Share Success

    Why doTERRA?

    It’s about the oils, first and foremost. When you experience them, you’ll get it. And an 85% annual retention rate means your customers will too.
    It’s about the company and its people: their integrity, values, mission. Putting personal development and humanitarianism at the center of their approach.
    Co-Impact Sourcing and Healing Hands speak the loudest on this point, although there is so, so much more.
    It’s about their business model. Collaborative, generous, and genius really. It was designed to encourage community and cooperation,
    and to ensure you can actually make a living without the endless grind of constantly selling. (Dig into stuff like comp plans right here.)
    But mostly, it’s about the strange and magical way all this and more come together to form the perfect storm that revolutionizes, empowers,
    and aligns in every. single. way.
    Read more here or contact me with your questions.



    Curious? Got questions?

    If you…

    • Want a business model that affords you the time freedom to truly make your own schedule…
    • Need the safety net that only residual income can offer…
    • Crave a circle to support you and celebrate your wins (and your flops!)…
    • And are ready to recreate your success story on your own terms…
    • But maybe have some
      questions or concerns…

    Then let’s talk more.

    Schedule Your Own 30 min Business Opportunity Session:

    • First, click the button below to to schedule your 30 min Business Exploration session
    • Next, scope out the Starter Kits and jot down any notes or questions you have on the oils or the business
    • Then we’ll connect by phone or Zoom to go over your goals, what it “looks like” to build or incorporate this business into your existing model, answer your burning questions, assess whether this is a good fit for your needs, and talk over first steps


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