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  • Welcome!

    Grab your workbook here to follow along with the daily checklists and activities to keep you on track to Mastering Your Metabolism and working with tools for your daily routine.

    Check back each day for both daily prompts and be sure to leave a comment in the Contact Form when you're done!

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    So excited you’re here with us! If you missed the LIVE welcome post today, please go to the pinned post announcements in this group to get all of the details on this challenge!


    Here is a quick review of what you’ll need to get started:

    1. Be sure your workbook is printed and review what we will be covering in this challenge
    2. Review this shopping list for food items you will need for the week and plan ahead so you are prepared for success!
    3. Calculate your daily water intake and write it on each page of your daily checklist so you can keep track!
    4. Make your Zendocrine Roller for application 2x per day!
    5. Put your supplements out in a spot where you will see them daily to remind yourself to take them! Some great places are near your coffee/tea pot, your bathroom counter or next to the kitchen sink!
    6. Throw away or get rid of things you want to avoid during these next 10 days such as alcohol, soda, sugar and processed foods so you are not tempted to binge.
    7. Start taking your supplements TODAY and doing all of your daily checklist items RIGHT NOW!
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    Check out today’s vitality assessment graphic. Rate yourself in the categories shown and type out your results in the comments on this post. What area(s) do you feel you want to make the biggest impact? What area(s) will make you FEEL the most different?


    Be sure to take note of things you want to track including weight, inches, energy levels, and take pics for before and afters so you can really see the difference! This challenge isn’t about who can lose the most weight, but rather how much better you FEEL!

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    Today will be a really critical day for this challenge. This is when you disrupt your normal routine and start changing things. This day will either be the day you decide you’re all in or you’ll quit. So, we are here to tell you, you’ve got this! This group is here as a support and resource to you on this health challenge and beyond. Rely on us and feel free to check in whenever you need to.


    Here’s a recap of what you’ll be doing each day during this challenge. Remember this info is also in your workbook. Having a printed version of the workbook is the best way to stay on track with this program.



    Take your current weight and divide that number in half. Use this as a MINIMUM amount of fluid ounces of water you’ll be aiming for daily. If you drink more than that, you’ll help flush out even more built up toxins and really help your body cleanse and actually decrease water retention!



    • 2 each LLV

    • Terrazyme (before food)

    • PB assist+

    • Phytoestrogen

    • Roll Zendocrine over the liver

    • Adaptiv roller over belly and wrists



    • 2 each LLV

    • TerraZyme

    • 2 drops Slim & Sassy in capsule (or water)

    • Adaptiv roller over belly and wrists



    • 1 TerraZyme

    • 1 Phytoestrogen

    • Roll Zendocrine over liver



    • Turn off all devices 30 mins prior to sleep

    • Diffuse relaxing oils

    • 1 Serenity softgel

    • TerraZyme (on empty stomach)

    • Adaptiv roller over belly and wrists



    • Check into FB group and read your daily posts

    • Be sure to track your water intake on your daily checklist

    • Try a healthy snack or lunch from your workbook



    To manage stress, diffuse Adaptiv blend, or apply DIY roller over pulse points (base of skull, behind ears, over heart and across wrists)


    Here are some suggestions for today’s checklist:

    Water Infusion - Strawberry, Basil, Lemon water (see recipe guide in workbook)

    Metabolic Snack - Simple Avocado Toast

    Daily Movement (20mins) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E3jFEOD2tIU

    Daily Relaxation (10 mins) - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX159cvbQYBvMFvpdsbIDdA

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    Having poor quality sleep or constantly disrupted sleep can trigger a cascade effect on our hormones. Once this downhill spiral starts it then can affect nearly every function in our body, including our metabolism. In order to truly improve your metabolism goals, whether it’s to increase or even decrease, you must take a look at your current quality of sleep and make it a priority to allow yourself the rest your body needs and you deserve!


    Take a moment to reflect on your current quality of sleep.

    Think of several factors such as:

    - how easily do you fall asleep?

    - how long do you stay asleep?

    - do you stay up for long hours when woken up?

    - do you want to sleep all day long?

    - do you suffer from insomnia?

    Many of these issues will directly correlate to your metabolism and will need some improvement! We will be working on several categories throughout this challenge that might also be factors in why sleep is a challenge for you, so hang in there!


    For today’s challenge, comment a GIF that describes your current nightly sleep. How would you rate your personal sleep on a scale of 1-10 (1 being the worst)?


    *Bonus* if you have access to a sleep tracker, keep a record of your sleep patterns each night during this challenge so you can see how much you improve!

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    You’re still here! Hooray!


    Hopefully you’re already starting to see a shift in your energy levels, your sleep quality and maybe even how light your body feels. If you aren’t yet... that’s ok, be graceful with yourself and just keep going, our body can achieve amazing things when we love on it with powerful nutrients and plant therapy!


    Often as we work toward re-balancing our metabolism, we can experience a state of detox and sluggish feelings. This is pretty normal and should pass if you stick to it. Be sure to drink plenty of water (with your oil of choice) and also apply peppermint, PastTense or even Lavender & Frankincense to your temples and base of neck to help relieve any headaches or irritations you may experience. Another reason you may experience “crash” type symptoms is candida die off. Often times we don't even realize we have an overgrowth of candida (or yeast) in our gut. Out of balance candida can actually make you crave sugar, carbs, and sweets. Candida THRIVE on these foods and release substances into your digestive tract designed to trigger you to feed them. Creepy right?


    Remember to be checking in with your Daily Checklist and check off those boxes!


    Here are some suggestions for today’s checklist:

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    We know it’s bound to happen, in fact you’ve probably already experienced quite a bit of it and maybe indulged in some foods or drinks that were on the “try to avoid these” list, but that’s ok!


    Remember that no one is perfect, and we are all in this together!


    On that note, let’s talk about some helpful tips and ways you can use your essential oils to help kick cravings to the curb. While we can crave all different sorts of foods and flavors, it’s important to realize that usually these are a sign of one of two things; addiction or vitamin/mineral deficiency.


    Oils for Appetite Control: Grapefruit, Lemon, Slim & Sassy, Bergamot, Peppermint, Spearmint and Basil


    Ways to use:

    Aromatically - Apply 1 drop of any (or a few) of the oils listed above into the palm of your hands, rub together and inhale palms deeply for 5-10 breaths OR Diffuse any (or a few) of the above listed oils at your desk, in your kitchen or wherever you tend to be when cravings arise.


    Topically - Apply 1 drop with FCO in palms of hand and massage over belly, paying close attention to the liver. You may also want to add a drop of slim n’ sassy directly into the belly button.


    Internally - Add 1 drop of any of the above oils to a small glass of water an empty veggie cap or directly under the tongue to help relief cravings.


    *FUN FACT* Did you know dōTERRA has an awesome chewing gum that is formulated with our metabolic blend, Slim & Sassy?! Add this to your next LRP order and keep it handy for when you’re having cravings, too!

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    How are you feeling today? I definitely notice that those first 3 days always seem to be the hardest because I know I probably will be battling cravings, irritability and maybe still some headaches, but we have some tools for you to continue on and allow yourself to find the motivation to just keep going!


    Today is a great day to get outside and go for a brisk walk for your 20 mins of movement, or finally take that yoga or Pilates class you were maybe putting off! The more you move your body, the more energy you’ll have, so no matter how tired or overwhelmed or drained you feel, DO IT ANYWAY!


    You might also be noticing some emotional shifts happening as we get deeper into this challenge. If you struggle with metabolism and it affects your enthusiasm and energy, you’ll probably be noticing that you might feel an increase in energy, enthusiasm and desire to move more over these next few days! This is a great feeling and means you’re doing great!


    Here are some suggestions for today’s checklist:

    • Daily Water Recipe:  Blackberry, Orange, Ginger Water (see recipe in workbook)
    • Healthy Snack: Zucchini Sushi (use dairy alternative) or premade veggie sushi rolls
    • Daily Movement: 20 min brisk walk outdoors
    • Daily Relaxation: listen to an inspiring podcast (Oprah’s Super Soul, Tony Robbins, Goop, and Rise are some great ones just to name a few!)
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    Stress. It’s something none of us can avoid. However, how we deal with daily stresses will play a great role in our cortisol levels, which is connected to where most women store a lot of excess fat; the belly and thighs.


    Using essential oils to manage your stress levels will be an extremely beneficial way to really manage your metabolism and burn excess stored fat your body can’t get rid of when it’s under constant stress. Over these 10 days, we want you to be using Adaptiv whenever the need arises throughout the day, as there is no way to truly know when our stress levels will be activated!


    For today’s challenge, we want you to practice some deep breathing exercises alongside your Adaptiv roller as an additional technique to help your body get out of fight or flight and back into a state of calm and safety.



    1. Take out your Adaptiv oil and put a drop in your hands.

    2. Cup your hands over your nose and mouth and slowly inhale for 5-10 slow and meditative breaths.

    3. Take notice of the thoughts entering your mind and let them go if they are negative knowing they are not serving you.

    4. You may also use your Adaptiv roller and apply it over pulse points for additional support and stress relief!


    Take a moment to share in the comments how often you experience stress and how you feel after using Adaptiv for relief!

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    Is the weekend here yet?!


    While most of us LOVE our days off, they can also easily trick us into falling back into old patterns or habits and bingeing on things we know will halt our progress.


    Make a plan for this weekend of what you will eat for meals and snacks and maybe plan a fun hike or adventure with a friend, family member or even the kids (download the All Trails App if you need some ideas)! Get outdoors and take time to honor your body and all it can do for you! If you need a boost and have our Deep Blue Rub, massage some into your calves and shoulders before and after intense exercise to get you feeling amazing and wanting to do it again!!


    Don’t forget to be tracking your water intake and keeping your fluids at minimum half your body weight in oz! When we are dehydrated, we cannot properly flush out toxins or allow our body to perform basic metabolic functions!


    Here are some suggestions for your daily checklist:

    • Daily Water Recipe: blueberry, lemon & rosemary water (see recipe in workbook)
    • Healthy Snack: nut butter protein balls (see recipe in workbook)
    • Daily Movement: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zbtKeeAa-Y  (use ADAPTIV while doing this!)
    • Daily Relaxation: go have some FUN! Watch a movie, have dinner with a loved one or friend, laugh and be playful!


    Keep going! We’re half-way there already!!!

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    What you feed your body, quite literally fuels your body. If you fill it up with processed, chemical based, or enzyme deficient foods, your body will become stuck and will protect itself by storing all of those harmful ingredients in fat cells.


    The body is smarter than we think and it knows what is toxic to itself. When we don’t eat enough whole, living, plant based foods rich in what nourishes our very body down to the cells, it will think it’s starving (even though you may feel full) and it will store fat as a way of reserves and protection until nutrients can be found.


    This is why we have you paying close attention to the snacks, meals and also supplements you’re taking during this challenge. By taking LLV and TerraZyme daily, you’re flooding your body with bio-available nutrients that it can recognize and digest and nourish the body which will help you burn excess fat storage and re-balance the system.


    Show us your snack or lunch today and let’s share some ideas for fun, healthy and easy to make recipes!


    Running out of ideas for meal planning? Check out these websites for some awesome and easy meals that are healthy, plant based and will definitely be metabolism friendly! These sites are also referenced in your workbook for you to go back to anytime you need!







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    Welcome to the weekend, friends!


    I normally would encourage you to be off social media on weekends, but during these 10 days I really want to stick to our routine and make sure we are working together to create new habits, so we can achieve real results!


    Now that we’ve covered quite a few areas that are really important to re-balance our metabolism, let’s talk more about how we can focus inward and find some ways to shed old beliefs and learn to love where we’re at and where we are headed!


    Often, when we are overweight, underweight, or maybe totally normal but in a constant state of comparison, we can self-sabotage ourselves with negative body image and self-talk. Take some time this weekend to journal about how you are feeling during this challenge and release some negative beliefs you have been holding onto.


    You were born into this world exactly as you were meant to be, sometimes we get lost along the way, or we get so wrapped up in the “busy-ness” of our fast paced life and we forget to pause and take good care of our very own body. Forgive yourself and keep working toward this new version of you. One that you will cherish and nurture and care for deeply.


    Enjoy a hike today with a friend if possible or go to a spa/fitness center with an infrared sauna to break a sweat!


    Here are some suggestions for your daily checklist:

    • Daily Water Recipe: Grapefruit, Pomegranate, Mint (see recipe in workbook)
    • Healthy Snack: Collard Wrap Bento Box (see recipe in workbook)
    • Daily Movement: hike or infrared sauna sweat session
    • Daily Relaxation: Raise your vibration to allow more love for yourself https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7gNgxXLfVQ
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    Yup. You read that right. It’s possible that the personal care products you are using every single day, sometimes several times a day are causing you to gain weight!


    Why? What’s happening?!


    Our skin is our largest organ on our body and absorbs most everything we put on it every day. Many of the products used in the beauty and personal care industry have very little to no regulation. There are currently upwards of 100,000 chemicals approved for use in the USA with very few of them having zero safety studies on human use at all.


    We also see high levels of fragrance in many products. Fragrance is a hidden way to put ingredients in a product and not have to disclose its contents, many of which are known carcinogens, endocrine and hormone disruptors. These ingredients can also mimic estrogens in the body and contribute to higher risks of certain cancers and metabolic disruption. This is why you are taking the Phytoestrogen supplement daily! This product is designed to help re-balance and restore homeostasis to your estrogen levels regardless of if you need more or less of them! It’s truly an amazing product!


    It’s time to be more aware of what we are putting into and onto our bodies and become advocates for safer and healthier products on our shelves!


    For your challenge today, I’d like you to spend some time cleaning out your medicine cabinets, drawers and any spaces you keep beauty and personal care products. You can use either the Think Dirty or EWG Skin Deep App on iPhone or Android to scan and discard products that are not safe for you to be using! (you will want 0-3 for as many products as possible, keep in mind all doTERRA products are approved safe)


    You’ll want to check out the reference guide on page 37 for some clean and safe products you can swap out for almost all of your personal care needs!

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    Sundays are for self-care and setting intentions for a new week. As we enter the last few days of this challenge, I encourage you to really power through and imagine what it will be like to finish strong!


    Maybe today you’re doing chores around the house, some laundry or office time to pay bills and plan out your week. This is also a great time to plan out your grocery list as you more than likely will be needing more food by now and can plan ahead to have more success as we continue!


    Check in and let me know how you’re feeling now that we’ve completed a whole week together! What does your body feel like? How about your mood? Cravings? Energy levels? This is also a great time to encourage one another and lift each other up! Post a GIF below to show how you feel today!


    Here are some suggestions for your daily checklist:

    • Daily Water Recipe: Melon, Kiwi & Lime water (see recipe in workbook)
    • Healthy Snack: Cinnamon Apple Slices (see recipe in workbook)
    • Daily Movement: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AF9d2Icl4fA
    • Daily Relaxation: body wrap challenge
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    Ready for an awesome DIY challenge! If you’re wanting to really break down some excess fat cells, this body slimming wrap will be amazing!!



    In a 4oz spray bottle add

    • 30 drops Slim & Sassy

    *everything else optional if you have them*

    • 15 drops Eucalyptus

    • 15 drops Peppermint

    • 10 drops Grapefruit

    • 10 drops Lavender

    • 10 drops ClaryCalm

    • 5 drops Wintergreen



    Mix oils together and fill the rest of the spray bottle with FCO. You can also add these oils to a handful of unscented body lotion too.

    Step 1: Measure the area to be addressed prior to use

    Step 2: Spray or apply the mixture to area of concern

    Step 3: Place and wrap around body cotton fabric (i.e. muslin) or a paper towel as a barrier between skin and plastic wrap so as not to absorb toxins from the plastic.

    Step 4: using plastic wrap, wrap around the cotton about 3-4 layers.

    Step 5: leave on for anywhere from a few hours to overnight as desired and then remove.

    Step 6: Measure area again and record the difference

    NOTE: drink LOTS of water with lemon oil (1 drop per 4 fl oz) before and after treatment. This helps release toxins from fat and reduces water retention in the body.

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    Hey, it’s Monday again!


    Here we are in our final days of the challenge and beginning a new week together! Take a moment to check in with yourself and do a little assessment of where you’re at this week.


    What are your goals? What did you perhaps not do so well with last week that you could improve on this week? Have you been keeping up with water intake and taking all of your supplements? Is your pantry and fridge stocked with healthy snacks and food for the week?


    Share with the group something you’re really proud of yourself for achieving and also a goal you have for the week so we can be accountability partners!


    Here are some recommendations for your daily checklist:

    • Daily Water Recipe:  Strawberry, Basil & Lemon (see recipe in workbook)
    • Healthy Snack: Creamy Avocado Dip (dairy free yogurt)
    • Daily Movement: 20 minute brisk walk
    • Daily Relaxation: Metabolic booster https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mArdgx1GSOM
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    The liver might possibly be one of the most important organs we have been cleansing and focusing on this week. Each day you’ve been rolling on your Zendocrine roller twice to really help support detoxification of the liver and help reboot the system.


    Another way you can benefit from Zendocrine and increase your metabolic function is to take a detox bath with Epsom salt. If you aren’t a bath person, this will probably be a new self-care ritual that you’ll want to do often!

    For today’s challenge, fill up a tub and enjoy a detox bath to start out the week and really boost your body now that we’ve already had a good solid week of helping wake up that metabolism!


    Detox Bath Soak:

    • 2 cups Epsom Salt (unscented)
    • ¼ cup Baking Soda (aluminum free)
    • 6 drops Zendocrine
    • 2 drops Ylang Ylang (if you have it)

    Soak for around 20 minutes, rinse off with fresh water afterwards and give yourself a full body self-massage with some FCO and 2 drops of grapefruit afterwards (don’t use grapefruit if you plan to be going outdoors in the sun afterwards, only use at night or when skin will be covered for 12 hours after applying).


    *don’t have a bathtub? Use a big tub or stainless bowl and do this as a miniature version for a foot detox bath to help draw out toxins from the feet instead!

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    It feels so good to have come so far! I’m so proud of you for really committing to this and working diligently to create new habits and trying new things to really see results in this group!


    What has been your favorite part of the challenge so far?! What have you struggled with the most?


    Today, I feel it would be fun to celebrate all the amazing work we’ve done together in this challenge and for our daily body movement, let’s DANCE! Dancing and music can significantly improve our happy hormones and make us feel really good from the inside, out! Whether you are a stay-at-home mom who has kids climbing on you, you head to the office for the 9-5, or maybe you work weekends or night shift, everyone can turn up some tunes that make you happy and get moving!


    Let’s make this fun and post a pic or video of a song that makes you wanna get up and groove!


    What’s your dance jam?!?


    Here are some recommendations for your daily checklist:

    • Daily Water Recipe: Honeydew, Cucumber and Mint (see recipe in workbook)
    • Healthy Snack: Peanut Butter Banana Frozen Bites (see recipe in workbook)
    • Daily Movement: dance party!
    • Daily Relaxation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gqfk5sr9fpw
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    Is your water actually clean?


    We all know water is critical for life, but many people are not aware that not all water is created equal! Want to find out what is in your local tap water? Check out this link, type in your zip code and find out! https://www.ewg.org/tapwater/


    Ideally, you’ll want to be drinking a slightly alkaline pH water, with as few additives and chemicals as possible. Some filters do a decent job of this, but most cannot remove things like fluoride or chlorine or pharmaceuticals which we definitely don’t want if we are trying to master our metabolism! How do pharmaceuticals get into water? People often flush them down the toilet and thus they then wind up in our drinking water.


    We have some recommended filters in the workbook on p.21. Look into those and decide when is the right time to invest in those, or you can purchase reverse osmosis water from a store and refill containers. You can re-mineralize your RO water with a product called, Trace Minerals, which I’ve linked up for you here if you want to go this route!


    We also want you to be adding citrus oils to you water every single day. This is one of the best ways to help your body detoxify, fight sugar cravings and stabilize metabolism! Tips for oils in your water: Add 1 drop per 4 fl oz of water. Always drink your oil water out of glass or stainless and avoid plastics.

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    YOU DID IT! WE did it!


    Day 10 of our challenge has come and I’m truly so proud and happy that you completed this challenge! We learned so much from each other and it’s always so fulfilling to complete a challenge together with like-minded people seeking out similar goals to ourselves!


    Don’t forget to review your checklist for the day and stay committed to completing each item for the day! This would also be a good time to review the additional resources guide in the workbook and make a mini plan for yourself moving forward.


    We recommend you slowly re introduce items you’ve been avoiding this week like alcohol, sugar, refined grains etc. If you binge eat you will feel very bloated and really halt your metabolic processes!


    You’ll also want to consider doing the doTERRA 30-day Cleanse and Restore to help maintain and keep your body functioning at its best! There is a breakdown of what this cleanse is, how it works and what you’ll need to complete it. I would recommend doing this cleanse once every 6 months. Most people do it in January and July!


    Here is a re-cap of your checklist for the day, as well as some recommendations:

    broken image



    As we officially end our challenge today, it’s time to retake the wellness assessment we did on day 1 and celebrate our progress and improvements!


    Truly taking the time to care for our body, provide it with nourishment both physically and emotionally and to be willing to do the hard stuff so we can get the results we want is a big deal!


    Answer the questions on the assessment again today and post your results in the comments! Have a before and after picture you would like to share?! Let’s see it!!!


    One final note, if you have anyone in mind that you feel would benefit from a challenge or group like this, please connect them to our team and invite them in! There are many people out there wishing and praying daily for natural wellness products to break the cycle they are in and truly feel good again and we can help them get there!


    This is also a great time to set new goals and continue this newly adopted healthy lifestyle you have chosen. Be sure to reference the additional resources section in the back of your workbook for some tips and products we love. These pages can help guide you to some other protocols and products that you can start to work into your routine like the 30-day Cleanse & Restore program by doTERRA, or the skinny jeans challenge!


    I am so grateful you chose to be here with us for these last 10 days, cheers to a new beginning!

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