You have options & You are in total control



    Now, I think it would be SO mean of me to tell you about all these wonderful things

    and then

    NOT tell you how to get them right? So here we go!

    👉There are three ways to purchase essential oils.

    👆THE MOST EXPENSIVE WAY. If you don’t like saving money, and you hate free stuff, you can just buy retail. You’ll pay 25% more than everyone else. You could get all the products we talk about for $332.

    ✌️THE “GETTING BETTER” WAY. This option is better! You can have your own wholesale customer account which is like a Costco card for oils. You’ll pay $35 one time, and for the next year you’ll have 25% off everything, access to our exclusive education, resources and support in our oily community, and ME - guiding you every step of the way and answering all of your questions.

    👌THE “BEST DEAL EVER” The third option is what most people do because it is the smartest and least expensive way to get started! This is with a bundled package.

    doTERRA has several packages, and in each, they combine a bunch of oils, give you a big discount, throw in some freebies and then waive that $35 fee, so you can have all the benefits of our oily community, the discount and ME, and you won’t have to pay for it!

    💥The best part? Almost all of the oils we shared about in our recorded class are part of an amazing package called Home Essentials.

    🍎Home Essentials has 10 oils for mind, mood and body, plus the cute Petal Diffuser. It’s retail price is over $400, but it’s only $249!

    👉Thinking about a smaller package? Healthy Start is a collection of 10 trial-sized oils for physical wellness, plus the adorable Pebble diffuser.


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