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    Grab your workbook here to follow along with the daily checklists and activities to keep you on track to Mastering Your Metabolism and working with tools for your daily routine.

    Check back each day for both daily prompts and be sure to leave a comment in the Contact Form when you're done!

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    Welcome to the 10 day Healthy Daily Habits challenge! I am so excited you’re joining us for the next 10 days. Congratulations on making the commitment to be here! This is a big step into learning about the foundational daily routines for living the doTERRA lifestyle. The first thing you need to do is make sure you have your participant workbook printed and ready to go.


    The other thing you need to do is familiarize yourself with lymphatic exercise. Watch this YouTube tutorial to learn how to do it and also why it's so important to your health. This lymphatic exercise is part of your morning checklist. This simple practice is so easy you can even do it while washing dishes or waiting in line at the bank. → https://youtu.be/rTCLuT8OSp8


    Every day, we will have 2 posts for you to come back and check out here in this group. Be sure to find your daily checklists in your workbook so you can follow along with us! I’ll be walking you through all our daily routines later today in a live video. Before we get too deep into the content, I’d love for us to have a starting point for moving forward in this challenge. Here at doTERRA, we use a Wellness Assessment to gauge change as we make efforts to transform our daily routines. I invite you now to flip to page 5 to take your first wellness assessment in this challenge. If you feel comfortable, share your results in the comments and let us know which areas you want to improve in the most! We are in this together and want to cheer each other on!

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    The amount of time to create a true habit can range from person to person. Doing the same activity daily and creating a sense of importance around that activity is key. This 10 day challenge is meant to get you started on creating a healthy daily foundation for yourself. At the end of this challenge, we will teach you how to add additional layers to this routine. When you are working on establishing a new habit, it’s helpful to leave important items in places you’ll see them, therefore jogging your memory to complete your new routine. For example, I leave my vitamins in my toothbrush drawer so I see them every morning when I go to brush my teeth. This reminds me to take them. It’s a good idea to establish where you’ll house your workbook, oils, and supplements for the daily activities in this group based on your own daily routines. Tell us in the comments below how you’ll remember to complete your daily challenge activities. Bonus points for pics!


    During this challenge, we will explore many areas of wellness. Here at doTERRA, we have something called the Wellness Pyramid. This pyramid defines different aspects of the doTERRA lifestyle, teaching us how to live a life full of vitality and health. You’ll notice that at the base of this pyramid are the layers Eat Right and Exercise. Any healthy routine is established upon these basic principles. LLV and Deep Blue Rub are included in the items needed for this challenge because they support these bottom layers, helping you to build a base of wellness that is ready to be continually built upon. Throughout this challenge, we will also discuss resting, managing stress effectively, and reducing environmental toxins that can accumulate and cause dis-ease in the body. Finally, we will teach you how you can use your oils for informed self care, helping you make informed medical decisions for yourself and your family. We can’t wait to get rolling! This is going to be an amazing 10 days!

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